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Eberhard Blum : CHOICE & CHANCE: Bilder und Berichte
aus meinem Leben als Musiker [An illustrated account of my life

as a musician]

Published by the Berlinische Galerie, Berlin 2008
27.2 x 19 cm, 240 pages, 130 b/w illustrations

ISBN 978-3-940208-05-7 ( Museum edition )
ISBN 978-3-88331-126-5 ( Retail edition )

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This book is available at the bookshops of the Akademie der Künste, Berlin, and Berlinische Galerie. Or it can be ordered online, for example directly at http://www.berlinischegalerie.de/en/publications/?contentId_=2050&cHash=dda5bcca3c99db0792b7806f041fef92


Eberhard Blum : Visual Work, 1992–2005

Published by Günter and Waldtraut Braun
Private printing, Berlin 2006
28 x 21 cm, 56 pages, 37 illustrations, most in full color

Text: Volker Straebel in conversation with Eberhard Blum
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Eberhard Blum: Anthology, 1968–98

Co-Production with the Sender Freies Berlin (SFB)
Published by Martin Demmler (SFB) /
Ann Holyoke Lehmann and Eberhard Blum
28 x 21 cm, private printing, Berlin 2000

Includes 2 CDs with music by Bernd Franke, Erhard Grosskopf,

Paul Gutama Soegijo, Toshio Hosokawa, Hans Otte,

Ernstalbrecht Stiebler, Nils Vigeland, Maurice Weddington, and Walter Zimmermann

Texts, German/English: Eberhard Blum

Texts by Eberhard Blum in German and English can be found at http://www.cnvill.net/mfhome.htm

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Eberhard Blum: Visual Work, 1980–98

Private printing, Berlin 1998
28 x 21 cm, 64 pages, 27 duotone illustrations

Text in German and English by Jörn Merkert, Laudatio delivered

at the award ceremony for the Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge Prize

for Unconventional Advancement of the Arts of the Stiftung Preussische Seehandlung, Berlin, on 15 February 1995

Illustrations from this catalogue can be found at


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The cover deisgn employs the font “Blum” (uppercase letters and numerals), designed by Eberhard Blum, published in Alphabook: Typeface Design and Application (New York: Hearst Books International 1999, ed. Roger Walton).

Eberhard Blum: Recordings on CD, 1990–1996

Private printing, Berlin 1997
28 x 21 cm, 64 pages, 28 b/w illustrations, 21 two-color illustrations of the covers of CDs produced by the hatART label

Texts in German by Eberhard Blum about the composers and

their work, as well as on performance practice

Texts by Eberhard Blum in German and English can be found at http://www.cnvill.net/mfhome.htm

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Eberhard Blum: Von Eins bis Sechsundneunzig

[From one to ninety-six]

Rainer Verlag, Berlin 1989
15 x 10 cm, 196 pages, 96 two-color illustrations

ISBN 3-88537-118-9

Eberhard Blum: Zeichnungen Konzepte Aufführungen

[Drawings concepts performances]

Published by Michael Wewerka
Edition Wewerka, Berlin 1983
20.5 x 20.5 cm, 52 pages, 16 b/w illustrations

Eberhard Blum: Akustische Zeichnungen

[Acoustic drawings]

Published by Rolf Langebartels
Edition Giannozzo, Vol. 22, Berlin 1982
14.4 x 16.5 cm, 52 pages, 11 b/w illustrations