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Ursonate (1921–32)
The real disuda of the nightmare (1946)
Ribble Bobble Pimlico (1946)
Ri Ribble (1945–47)

Eberhard Blum, voice

Digital recording: 29 December 1991, Studio 2/Radio DRS, Zürich
Recording and CD-Master by Peter Pfister
Design by Ann Holyoke Lehmann

Produced by Martin Demmler/Pia & Werner X. Uehlinger
With kind support from Lufthansa Cultural Affairs

DDD / Total time 38:58

hatART CD 6109


Werke für Sprechstimme von [Works for Sprechstimme (spoken voice)]

Raoul Hausmann, Kurt Schwitters, and Emmett Williams

Raoul Hausmann
kp’erioum (1918)
OFFEAH (1918)
bbbb (1918)
fmsbw (1918)

Kurt Schwitters
Ursonate (1921–32)

Emmett Williams
meditation no.1 (1958)

Eberhard Blum, voice

Co-Production: Berlinische Galerie/Sender Freies Berlin
Digital recording: 28 März 2000, Sender Freies Berlin
Recording supervisor: Wolfgang Hoff
Sound engineer: Willi Leopold

CD-Master by Ricarda Molder
Liner notes by Eberhard Blum
Design by Ann Holyoke Lehmann
Special thanks to F. Schultze

Produced by Eva Züchner/Martin Demmler

DDD / Total time 36:37