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Dates are given as years or, from mid-2001 onward, as dd.mm.yyyy ; dimensions are given in centimeters, as height x width [x depth].

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Graphite on paper

26 sheets, each 20.9 x 14.7 cm

Published in Alphabook: Typeface Design and Application als Teil der Schriftart "Blum"

(New York: Hearst Books International 1999, ed. Roger Walton)

Numerals 0–9 see  Numerals: ZAHLENREIHE [ Numerical sequence ], 1998

Collection Blum Berlin

ALPHABET, 16.–21.08.2003

Colored pencil on paper

26 sheets, each 48 x 36 cm

Private Collection

 ALPHABET, 20.–29.04.2012

Construction paper and black pencil on paper

26 sheets, each 33 x 48 cm

Collection Kunstmuseum Kloster Unser Lieben Frauen Magdeburg