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Untitled [ found sculpture ], ca 1970

Driftwood (root)

ca 70 x 60 x 60 cm

Collection Blum Berlin


Whereas this piece of driftwood owes the energy of its formal language enitrely to Nature, it is nonetheless pure Blum. Pulling it from Berlin's Wannsee lake circa 1970, he declared it a found sculpture. Once set up in his workroom, it remained there for over four decades, embodying, then as now, the vital pictorial identity and unabashedly gestural dynamic of his graphic œuvre. — A.H.L.

 Untitled, 1976

Razor blade, scraped postcard (Albright-Knox Museum, Buffalo), and photo in a readymade A5 frame

21 x 15 cm

Collection Blum Berlin

Veränderungen eines Bildes von Arshile Gorky [ Changes to a work by Arshile Gorky ](The Liver is the Cock's Comb, 1944), 1977

Scraped postcard; inscribed verso: "Berlin 17.5.77, für Ann von Blum"

15.35 x 10.25 cm

Collection Blum Berlin

  Untitled, 1978

  Antique frame with original glass, manuscript paper, newspaper snippets, wood glue

24.8 x 18.2 cm

Collection Blum Berlin

Untitled, 1978

Packing material ([reinforced] corrugated cardboard)

72 x 84.5 cm (incl. frame)

Collecton Blum Berlin