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Works for Flute and Electronics by Erhard Grosskopf and Ralph Jones

Erhard Grosskopf
Proportion 1 (1968)
for flute and electronics
Night Tracks (1972)
electronic sounds

Ralph Jones
Saturday Afternoon 5 O’Clock (1973)
for flutes

Eberhard Blum, flute

Recorded at Sender Freies Berlin on 4 April 1999 (Erhard Grosskopf) and 27/28 March 2001 (Ralph Jones)
Recording supervisor: Wolfgang Hoff
Sound engineer: Wilhelm Leopold
CD-Master by Ricarda Molder

Liner notes by Eberhard Blum, Erhard Grosskopf and Ralph Jones

Produced by Eberhard Blum, Joel Chadabe, and Martin Demmler
Electronic Music Foundation Ltd., EMF Media

DDD / Total time 70:24

EMF CD 041



Roman Haubenstock-Ramati
Multiple IV (1965)
version for flute and bass flügelhorn

Morton Feldman
A Very Short Piece for Trumpet (1986)
version for alto trombone

Ernstalbrecht Stiebler
Zeile um Zeile (1997)
for bass flute

John Cage
Music for Three (1984)
for flute, trombone, and percussion

Eberhard Blum, flute
Michael Svoboda, trombone
Jan Williams, percussion

Co-Production: Sender Freies Berlin/USM
Digital recording: 7 July 1999 and 15 April 2000, Sender Freies Berlin
Recording supervisor: Wolfgang Hoff

CD-Master by Ricarda Molder
Liner notes by Eberhard Blum
Photo by Ann Holyoke Lehmann
Design by P’INC.AG

Produced by Martin Demmler

DDD, Total time 60:28

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